Your First Gate

Your First Gate

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Regardless of the type of automatic gate you have installed – be it wood, aluminum or wrought iron - they all have similar features. Gate Repair Flushing  discusses some of these features with you in detail below. An automatic gate is only useful if you are actually able to use it. It saves you time and a great way to add security to your home. People will not be able to get to your front door if you don’t want them to. You can monitor anyone who enters through your gates. Here are some of the features you’ll find on most gates.

Features of Automatic Driveway Gates

Gate Remote Controls

Your First GateSome of the remotes available allow you to simply push one button to gain access. There are electronic remotes that send a signal to the gate opener indicating a car is approaching and it will then open. Once the car has made its way through the gate, it will automatically close behind it. The remote can be carried with on a key chain or left somewhere in the car.

Automatic Sensors

This allows your gate to open once it detects movement. These sensors also act as a safety feature. If there is anything impeding the movement of the gate, it will not close. This is beneficial if you have small animals or small children. The gate will not close and harm them.

Pressure Sensitive Activation

These cells are generally located near the entrance of the gate. Once a car crosses the cells, the gate will open.  Since it is sensitive, it is a good idea to have the weight programmed so that it doesn’t open whenever a person on foot passes by. Snow can affect the cells capability to detect the actual weight of a car. Therefore, it may not be a good idea, to have this feature installed if you live in an area prone to snow.

Keypad Device

To gain access, you enter a code on the keypad and the gate will open.

Features That Offer Efficiency

The features found on most gates enable you to move in and out freely and safely. Make sure you are made aware of the important features of your gate, which will allow you the level of efficiency you need. Get all of the relevant information before you decide which type of gate will provide you with the most beneficial features

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