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Are there gate price differences?

Of course, the price of gates differs depending on various factors. The most important ones according to Gate Repair Flushing are the size and whether they are manual or automatic rolling gates. It will also depend on the material, type of opener and remote, and type of gate.

How often should I maintain the gate?

Gates need maintenance at least twice a year. Since their condition is subject to the conditions in the environment and daily use, they must be inspected and repaired more often if the material is sensitive, the system is old and there's high moisture in the region.

Are obstruction systems that important?

Yes, if you have an automated gate system, then obstruction safety sensors are a must. This system protects your gate from crashing into an obstruction at full force. Instead of repeatedly hitting an obstruction, the gate will automatically reverse direction when it hits something if it is equipped with a safety obstruction mechanism.

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